Hi Guys,
Due date/dispatch date notification system...
We run a huge multi vendor store and unfortunately vendor is do not always look at their dispatch date and do not always adhere to the dispatch date that is given to them.
We would love it if you guys can invent/built a system where a vendor can be notified of a orders dispatch date five days in advance so that they can be made aware that the item needs to leave their warehouse in five days. This must be accompanied with a email notification to inform them that they've got five days to complete the following order. This will in return make them aware that they are running out of time to dispatch the product.
So for example: every order requires a dispatch date that comes into the system from Shopify we should be able to set this lead time/dispatch date on each product with a product TAG and this in return should be reflected in the portal and immediately start running a countdown clock as the specific line item has been placed for one of our vendors. If it is on day five a notification should be sent out to the vendor informing them that they've got five days left to complete the order. The order itself should then be highlighted orange in the portal and should be clearly visible to the vendor showing them that this is something they need to look at urgently.
When the specific order has three days left it should again be highlighted and turned to a different colour for instance red making this vendor immediately aware of the fact that they are running really late on the dispatch of the product. This should be a company with another email notification informing them they have three days left to dispatch.
Penalty system
if vendor does not adhere to the warning system informing them of their product being dispatched late. A penalty system shoot kick in! This penalty system should be customisable and we as merchant should be able to set the rules.
For example: if an order is dispatched five days after initial dispatch date then we can charge a penalty to the vendor and in return this penalty will just be deducted from the order in question on the payout of the order towards the vendor. This will be automatically deducted no questions asked as the vendor did not adhere to the warning system for their products dispatch date.
This is something that is a huge request!! as it can help merchants immensely keep their vendors under control and also liable for tarnishing their company name as vendor sometimes do not care. And this will immediately make us the merchants have a little bit more power over vendors promising to deliver at a certain time frame. We beg you to please consider building the system as it will immediately take so much work off of the merchants hands and help us automate our business to run smoothly on a day-to-day basis.
Thanks again and we sincerely hope you consider this idea.
Thanks for being awesome and thanks for continuously trying to work on your product and making it the best vendor portal available.
Created by PuppetVendors
April 25, 2022